Potential cancellation

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sounded like another good game last night so well done to me for picking such evenly matched teams. Craig said that the Mince were down by two all the way through but managed to sneak the win by one at the end of the game. Nice. Si was somewhat more emotional about what was only his second win in four months:

"There are tears in my eyes. I've never felt this way before, never had such emotions for another four men. I won a f***ing game. And now I rest."

Next week, not only are the same people who missed this week's game out, but Alan is away and Ross and Jon can't make it. That means, out the Hardcore only Kyle (who hurt his knee and may not be able to play), Neil, Si and Scott are available (and I'm not even sure about Scott as Liz is due to pop any moment so Scott might not want to play anyway). Disastrous!

I think, realistically, the best we could manage would be a 4v4 and we'd probably struggle to get eight players on the pitch. I'll speak to Scott and Kyle and find out for definite if they can play but at the moment, it looks as if the game is going to be cancelled due to lack of players which, I think, is the first time we've ever had to do that. It's a (potentially) sad day for Fitbaw.

I'll let you guys know what the chat is as soon as I do but if it's going to be cancelled then I have to do it by Monday or we'll get charged.

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