Is there anyone left?

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Gordo - taking a couple of weeks off
Foxy - out for a couple of weeks with his calf strain
Martie - NOT in London (in Birmingham instead)
Wills - helping the in-laws move a renovate for a couple of weeks
Andy - working late until the end of the month
Stuart - at a gig this week and Ibrox the one after that
Me - tweaked my groin again after Saturday's game and moving house next week.

So there you go - everyone listed above can't play this week OR the next. In fact, as of 9am this morning it, it was going to be a 4v4 game but Ponto came through as he's done so many times before and is bringing is mate Allan who's played for us quite a few times before.

Next week we'll need everyone fit and able to play please! Also, if you're a reserve and you play tonight, you are guaranteed a game next week. I'll confirm all that tomorrow.

By the way - did anyone lift the ball on Saturday? It didn't come off the park with me and it wasn't handed in at the pitches when I called to see on Sunday. If you did pick it up, please bring it with you. Ta.

Have a good game lads.

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