Happy Birthday Neily!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I'm still injured, Martie's still in London, Andy's still having to work late on a Wednesday, Si's at a gig and Kyle's getting ready to move house tomorrow. Craigo, Jon and Gordo's mate Big "Batman" Dave who's played before make up the ten. Foxy and Gordo are both carrying slight injuries so be nice to them.

Seeing as I'm not playing and neither is Kyle, could the non-IDOX-ers please give your cash to William. IDOX chaps - cash to me as normal.

Don't forget that this Saturday is the Fitbaw Summer Extravaganza. The plan is to play a game of fives at Townhead and I've booked a pitch for a 12pm kick-off. That means we'll be finished by 1pm, changed and heading off to the West End for some food by about 1:30pm. I thought we'd to to Cottiers as they do a outdoor BBQ during the summer and the burgers are excellent (though it is meant to be raining). After that we can just play it by ear and drink until the money (or the beer) runs out.

If you want to bring a car then no problem as we probably won't be drinking at the fives so you can take them home and drop them if that makes life a bit easier.

Initially, only Foxy and Craigo couldn't make it but now Gordo and Scott are both having to miss out too. Gordo is doing some charity work (read "community service") and Scott has a wedding he forgot about. Sorry lads, we'll bring you back something nice. That means the list is:

- Iain
- Si
- Kyle
- Martie
- Alan
- Neil
- Stuart
- William
- Andy
- Jon
- Ross

So ready to kick off at noon and bring your going out gear with you. If anyone can't make it then please let me know ASAP. If folk can't make it or don't want to play fives first, then I'll need to cancel the pitch by tomorrow or we'll get charged.

Finally, belated happy returns to Mr Williamson who hit the big four-ohhhhmygodthatsold on Monday. We'll have a proper celebration on Saturday for him.

Have a good game chaps.

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neil williamson said...

That's me in the veteran class now, lads, so I'll be looking for a bit of respect on the pitch.

And if you wouldn't mind slowing down from time to time, that'd be lovely.

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