Doesn't count! DOESN'T COUNT!!!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

OK it does. It as a shame as last night's game as shaping up to go right down to the wire. Before my injury I think we were one up and the boys did well to stay in contention but it's nearly impossible when you're a man down (especially when Scott's booting them in from half way to an empty goal - booooo!). If we ever manage to get the same ten players on the park and the same time again, I'd love to see a rematch.

Ross was saying that when it's four vs five there shouldn't be any passbacks for the five man team. I think that makes a lot of sense and give the four man team more of a chance so next time someone has to go off (which I hope never occurs) then that'll be the rule.

Next week should see Foxy, Alan and Andy back. Gordo's on holiday and I'll probably be out for a few weeks at least. I imagine Craig will be the tenth man.

I'm still looking for two more players for Monday's challenge match against another department in my work. If you want to play (and help maintain our undefeated record) then please let me know.

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