Why is it not a game of one half?

Thursday, 26 June 2008

I left the park last night in a grumpy mood. We were doing well but then it all fell to pieces. We constantly found ourselves a man short (if not two), not everyone was marking and those that were were getting more and more tired trying to mark two or more people. Disappointing to say the least. Am I going to have to start organising fitness sessions for us all?!

Anyway, the Mince played well together, linked up and kept going right to the end so well played to them. It was good to see so many of the regulars back.

Next week, if everyone's fit, then we could have a Hat of Doooooom situation. If anyone's not able to play then let me know please. At the moment, the only person out is Martie.

The Summer Extravaganza date has been set - the 19th of July. The only person that can't make that date is Foxy (sorry big man - we'll bring you back a present). I'll formalise details closer to the time but the plan is a game of Fitbaw at the usual place around noon-ish and then head over the West End for beers, burgers and banter. From then on we'll just play it by ear based on the weather, the amount left in the kitty and how pissed we get.

1 bit of banter:

Gordon said...

yay - eeky for el presidente! I can make the summer fitbaw extravaganza after all!

I don't mind sitting out next week to avoid the hat of doom. I'm heading to the Alps the next day, so will be good to avoid the risk of injury!

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