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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

AS you'll all be aware, this week, we are playing against other people! We were relegated to a 7pm kick off originally as there was a tournament on but the folks that run the tournament are friends of Gordo and were short of a couple of teams. Enter the Mince and the Tatties of Fitbaw to save the day, get their 6:30pm kick off back and hopefully win the whole damn thing!

The tournament kicks off at 6:30pm but we'll all need to be there a wee bit before hand just to get everything sorted out. If you could all bring both colours of top as that's how the organiser wants to differentiate between the teams. Gordo has contacted his mate and found out the following:

  • 12-13 teams competing
  • 4 in a group (so we'll play each other either once or twice - match duration to be decided)
  • winners go through to knockout stages
  • rolling subs allowed
  • all teams to bring a dark and a light top
  • buffet afterwards
  • ref will be supplied
  • NO slide tackles
  • NO centre after goals
  • NO passbacks
  • NO players in D
  • NO keepers out of D
  • be there before 6.30
  • teams mostly from JPM but outside agencies (such as us and a bunch of lawyers)

So still to be decided is the cost and the duration of the matches - Gordo's going to find that out tomorrow hopefully. Unless we hear any different, give me your £6 as usual and any left overs can go into the kitty. If it's any more then I'm sure the kitty could make up the difference.

The squad is below and the plan is to pick two even teams (just like normal Wednesday) so both teams have an equal chance of getting as far as they can:

  • Gordo
  • Iain
  • Scott
  • Foxy
  • Neil
  • Martie
  • Andy
  • Alan
  • Craigo
  • Jon

Teams will go up tomorrow at some point but remember and bring both tops still!

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