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Thursday, 19 June 2008

It didn't start off too positively - first off there seemed to be no one about to tell us what was going on and secondly the Tatties were sent to one of the micro pitches! Aw naw! However, thank goodness we didn't have to run all over a big park for the group games or we would have been even more knackered than we obviously were.

In our first game it took us some time to get going but when we did, we controlled the back and with some battling up front, managed to win 4-0. It maybe could have been more but to starting off with a win was important.

The next game saw us take on the group favourites. Wee Jinky Boy, Big Baldy Beardy Man, Chinese Guy and other such well known names had looked pretty strong in their first game - we knew this one would be the group winner decider. Initially we (or definitely me) underestimated Wee Jinky Boy who managed to pinch a couple of goals. From that point on we were chasing the game and all seemed lost. At that point it was important to limit the damage and we finished losing 4-0. So far we had a goal difference of zero!

The final group game should have been a walk in the park. Their keeper looked really shaky and we were more than a match for them. At least we would have been were we not playing two games back to back. It's amazing how tiring 20 minutes of fives is. I know we normally play an hour non-stop but competition level is just faster, tougher and all round harder work. Although we had a dozen chances to win the game, it finished 2-2. Who would go through? It was all down to goal difference! Luckily, we had lost to Wee Junky Boy's team by one less goal than these guys so through to the final stage we went.

On the other park, the Mince men were lacking a goal threat up front and had so far failed to score a goal. They had lost and drawn and it was all down to their final game. With the Tatties cheering them on, Andy broke free and coolly slotted home the winning goal that saw them through to the final stages too (with a goal difference of -2).

The Mince were first to play in the final stage and they were up against the Tattie's bogie team - Wee Jinky Boy (WJB) and Co. Games, by this point, were cut to five minutes and for most of those five minutes the Mince battled hard and held on, in no small part to the heroics on goals from Alan. WJB was fuming as Alan made save after save to keep the Mince in the game. WJB was going for another shot when Gordo pinched the ball off him in the corner. The ball popped up, Gordo flicked it over one guys, chased, headed it past another guy, chased, closed down on goal and LEATHERED the ball past the keeper to score the only goal of the game and win it for the Mince! Brilliant! Or it would have been had Gordo not tried to celebrate - he "jumped" into the air and punched his fist in a David Beckham style (when he scored that free kick against Greece). The only thing was he maybe made it about 2 inches off the ground and put in particularly weak punch. Maybe it was irony, maybe he was tired. Either way, it looked a bit soft.

It was then the Turn of the Tatties to make their debut on a full sizes park. It was against a team that had some moany guy up front. I don't remember much else about that match other than we won and it was probably Scott that scored.

I didn't see the final match for the Mincers so all I know was that they lost 2-0 to the eventual winners so that's not a bad way to go out. They finished 3rd I reckon so well done to them - a great result!

The Tatties next game was against the Mince's bogie team. Seeing as they had beaten ours, it was only right and proper that we beat theirs. It wasn't easy though as they were all huge, fast and strong but we managed to pinch a goal (again from Scott I think) and then spent the rest of the match defending (illegally sometimes too - "Are you not allowed to slide tackle ref? Oops - sorry! I didn't know!") but it all paid off and we made it to the final.

The final match was against the guys that had stopped the Mince from reaching the final and making it an all Fitbaw affair. We had no time in between to recover and so it was straight into it. The first issue was that they were a mix of dark and light tops which was just confusing. So confusing, in fact, that I managed to mistake a 5'10" black guy from Senegal for Neil! I passed to him and he scored so apologies to my team mates - I had a mare. They got a second too but I don't really remember anything else other than taking a pot shot from just outside our D - they probably scored of that actually so sorry again!

So that was that, we finished 3rd and 2nd so not too shabby. Well played to all the boys – Fitbaw can hold its head high. I’ll be happy to return to normal next week as I’m bloomin’ knackered after all that.

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