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Thursday, 12 June 2008

It was nice to see Jon back (or Jon's Hispanic cousin) and also to see that not much has changed (other than his skin tone). Last night also saw out first foreign import in Javier who turned out to be quite handy - good work rate and took his chances well.

The teams may have seemed a bit unfair by the end last night but half way through the match, it was only 4-2 but I think some tiredness crept in to the Mince team's legs and the Tatties took advantage.

As I mentioned before, last week's result counts so therefore, so does the MOTM which was a joint win between Scott and Neil.

Next week Si may well still be out, Foxy's got a golf tie and Kyle and Wills are on holiday. Stuart hopes to be back and Martie may even make a comeback (for only a couple of weeks) but that's still to be confirmed.

I've updated the stats too which haven't been updated in a while. Gordo is building up a head of steam and Kyle and Wills seem to be benefiting by not playing too. We're only half way through the season so anything could happen!

Finally, Fitbaw Summer Drinking Extravaganza - how about the first Saturday in July? That would be the 5th of July - maybe a game early afternoon, followed by a few beers and maybe a bite to eat round and about the West End? Hopefully the weather will be good and we can just go from beer garden to beer garden. Thoughts?

3 bits of banter:

Gordon said...

Awww man it will be a Gordoless affair then. I'm away to the Alps first week in July. Boooooo!.....

cocovan said...

Gordon, Foxy and Alan can't make the 5th so how about the 12th?

Scott said...

We could listen to a few of the live bands on the 12th July. I'm sure there are few flute bands playing that day somewhere........ I'll be off the beers and on standby for hospital taxi at that stage. Might manage a wee game of soccer during the day though.

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