Powerleague get it so very wrong!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

I got a letter yesterday from Powerleague Glasgow telling us that all bookings must now be paid for at the time of booking. That means that we have to pay by card when we (Foxy, normally) phones up to book the pitch. We've discussed other ways and tried to see if we could pay in cash up front the week before but nothing seems to be excepted by them other than a card payment over the phone.

We reckon the reason is that some cash is going missing up there, either into pockets of staff or folk are saying they've paid for a pitch when they've not. What ever the reason, it's a real pain in the arse and I personally think that Powerleague have shot themselves in the foot over this one - if it were possible we'd look to move the venue but no where else is central enough for everyone to get to and from.

Now it's not really fair of us all to expect Foxy to use his own card and then have to get the cash from me and then go the bank on a weekly basis to pay the money in, blah, blah, blah. So, to that end, I've opened a Fitbaw Account at the RBS which we can use to book the pitch on a weekly basis.

All that remains is for each of us to get our cash into that account on a weekly basis. There is the option of everyone paying up as usual and then me just going to the bank every week but that's not really convenient and is a bit of a waste of time. What I propose is that all the hardcore set up a weekly standing order of £6 to the new account. If you don't play that week then the mighty spreadsheet will know and I can issue a refund on a quarterly, biannually or yearly basis depending on what you want to do (it'll have to be the same for everyone though). Think of it as a Fitbaw Savings Fund - at the end of the year you'll have all your £6 saved up ready for all the Xmas nights out that you'll have. It also has the benefit of avoiding folk forgetting money, not having the right change and so on. Ringers will just pay cash and this will go into the kitty as normal and then deposited into the account when it's built up. It could also be used to issue refunds though I'd like to make the refunds paid out as infrequently as possible.

So that's the proposed solution to the ridiculous problem that Powerleague have dropped on us. I really hope everyone will be OK with this because it will be a complete pain to run and organise of some folk don't want to set up the standing order. Please let me know your thoughts on this: Are you OK with it? How often do you want to get your "dividends" (refunds for games not played)? Do you have better idea?

When I've gathered everyone's responses, I'll let you all know the plan and also the account details to set up the weekly standing order.

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scott said...

Hi There,

I love this website. It epitomises everything that is good about 5-a-side football. I work for Goals and got a link to your blog through Google alerts. I can't believe what they are asking you guys to do every week and I think you've hit the nail on the head with your suggestions as to the reasons.

Anyway, you look like exactly the kind of guys we would like to be playing with us in our Shawlands Branch and I was wondering if you have played there before and if you'd be interested in a game with us sometime.

If you let me know your regular day and time I can check block booking availability and if nothing's available I can at least offer you a half price game as 1 off to try us out.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Kerr


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