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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Another week where we've been struggling for players. Foxy and Si are on holiday, my ankle's still not working properly, Stuart's at Ibrox, Martie's in London and Wills is still injured (I think as I've not heard from him in ages - hello William?)

Craigo, as usual, and new guy Ross is back again. Mr Ponto makes his return to Fitbaw for the first time in ages and brings along his brother in law, Andy T.

Andy's been out for a while and so may struggle with fitness but Gordo played an hour and half of tennis last night, followed by an hour of fives, in the heat, so he's told me not to count him as a full Gordo so hopefully, Andy T and Gordo should balance each other out on the team sheets.

Next week, there is no game due to the Might Gers bid for European glory in Manchester. It looks as though Martie, Neil, Kyle, Stuart and maybe Scott will all be in Manchester for the final. I'll be in a pub in Majorca so trying to get ten would have been impossible.

I'm still waiting on everyone getting back to me regarding the Summer Fitbaw Drinking Extravaganza, but at the moment, the weight seems to be in favour of a Saturday (maybe with a game before hand?).

Finally, if you want to play in the Ian Younger Sixes and haven't yet told me, please do ASAP.

1 bit of banter:

Gordon said...

Ok, how about organising a game of fives / sevens on the saturday of our drinking extravaganza? Rouken Glen have a great sevens park. If we can't do sevens then fives will do fine.

Then after it grab a shower and head out to a beer garden somewhere and enjoy a few light ales?

My ten pence worth! And I've no idea if thats how to spell Rouken Glen!

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