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Thursday, 3 April 2008

There was some question of whether I'd over compensated for Steven when I picked the teams for yesterday's encounter but I'm (probably) going to stand by those teams. I picked them based on current form but last night, everyone in the Mince team played better than they have done for the last few weeks. Not only that, but they played well together (despite Kyle and Gordo having a wee moment early on) and that was the difference.

I think that when Steven is playing, everyone seems to try harder - I don't know why we don't try just as hard every week but there it is. Maybe Steven should play more often if it's going to make everyone else lift their game?

Next week Foxy is back as should be Si and Stuart. Wills has an appointment to get his knee looked at so he may be out for a while. Andy is on holiday.

Speaking of Andy, he has finally been promoted to Hardcore. Andy has played in every game other than three since the beginning of October which is more committed that about 90% of the squad! Well played Andy and welcome but minus points for going on holiday next week just after your promotion!

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