Mr Fox redeems himself

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Kick off is back to 6:30pm this week but you should all know that by now. Squad news:

- Stuart's at Ibrox
- Martie's in London
- Will's knee is being rested
- Si's twisted his ankle playing for another team (how very dare you?!)
- Neil's got rehearsals (but would have played had the time not originally been 7:30 so thanks to Neil for being understanding)

Andy, Craig, Robert and Grant fill in the gaps. We're on park eight this week which has just been refurbished so that'll be nice.

In other news, did anyone pick up Scott's Puma ball after the game a couple of week's ago? Scott didn't go home with it and it's a good one so we'd like to find it.

Hmmmm, that reminds me, if Scott's not got a ball and Si's not playing so he won't bring the evil yellow one and Kyle's not got the shiny half and half Nike one, then we don't have a ball! I'll either pop out and buy one or see if Gordo can bring his.

UPDATE - Gordo's ball's at hime maw'n'paw's so we have no ball. Rather than hiring one of the really crap ones from the pitches, I'll pop out to Greaves and buy one. If we don't find Scott's then we'll need a new one anyway as that yellow thing is terrible. I was going to get Martie to take it back coz it was egged but he's never here to give it to him so we've probably missed the boat on that one.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE - I got a ball. It was only a tenner and was the least shiny of the cheaper balls. There was a poor selection to be honest. We'll see how it goes.

2 bits of banter:

Scott said...

I'll bring a ball from school as well.

Scott said...

Possibly an easter theme for the website........ perhaps a picture of the yellow egged ball may be appropriate!

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