Birthday blues

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Well no win for Birthday boys Stuart and Scott and not a whole lot to celebrate for the Mince in general. Plain and simple, it was poor defending that cost us the game last night. Going forward Scott and Stuart combined quite well and Gordo was hitting them from half way to great effect but too many times there was a two on one at the back and too many times we let the runner get away from us. The Tatties all worked well together and defended well too and so thoroughly deserved their victory. Rom seemed a bit handier than we'd initially thought and fitted in well with his team mates so well played to him.

I've picked an arbitrary score for last night's game as everyone lost count. Scott shouted at one point that it was still less than ten and after that point it was pretty much tit for tat so I made up the scores based on that. Any objections, bite me.

Next week Kyle, Alan and Si should be back but I'm not sure about William. Martie is back down to London.

The stats have been updated to include Andy but he's just kept at the bottom for the moment until we have our mid-season night oot and have the chance to give him a proper promotion. Andy's played almost every game since the beginning of October last year so I don't think anyone will object to a mid-season promotion - if you do just let me know.

4 bits of banter:

Ian said...

I would promnote Andy right now and not wait until the mid-season.

cocovan said...

Andy actually said he's rather wait until there was an "official ceremony". Either way, he's basically hardcore now anyway.

neil williamson said...

Did you say "mid-season bash"?

Is this a new thing, or do we always have them, but you've just not told me about them before?

I've thinking of Andy as Hardcore (and I mean that in it's Fitbaw sense only!) for a while now. Ahem.


cocovan said...

Mid-season bash is new for this year - I think it was Stuart that suggested it because the way the kitty is going, we'll have buckets of cash by Xmas so why not spread it out and have two nights out - summer and Xmas.

Time to put the beer back into Fitbaw.

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