(Belated) Birthday Wishes

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

It was Scott's birthday yesterday so Happy Birthday Bro! It was Martie's last week - he's almost a distant memory these days but Happy Birthday none the less big man. UPDATE - It's The Boy Stu's birthday today too apparently so all the best to him! I think that means that you've got to let his team win tonight ;)

This week Martie and Alan are on holiday (not together), Si and Wills and still resting their various injuries and Kyle is feeling cruddy so decided to take this week off.

Andy, Robert and Grant are playing and Craig was meant to be filling in too but he's off sick too. That leaves a spot for someone new. Rom has recently joined our QA team and since then he has been keen to play fives with us. Rom says he's an attacking midfielder and rates himself at 6/10 in most (footballing) departments. He also enjoys long walks in the park and the music of Rick Astley (those last parts may not be 100% true).

Stupid wee pitch tonight. Good news. Foxy called the pitches and they've moved us to pitch 7 for tonight's game. Huzzah!

2 bits of banter:

Gordon said...

Oh bollox, the wee pitch sucks!

Gordon said...

Oh, and happy birthday to the birthday bums!....

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