Karl's last game

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Tonight is the last game of fives young Karl will ever play with us. Karl's first game was as a reserve on the 17th November 2004 which he won 13-8. Tonight will be his 133rd game of Fitbaw. If he wins, he will be POTY. If he loses then it's Alan vs Iain in the final game of the season. It's all up for grabs.

It's because it's all up for grabs that there are no teams yet. I was going to pick them with Karl today but Karl doesn't work here any more so I couldn't do that. There are also a few variable to take into consideration - Stuart asked to be replaced this morning as he has a "storming cold" (his words) that he brought back from Rome where he's been over the past few days. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a replacement as I used up all the reserves already this week but Stu says he'll still play. Hopefully that means he'll be OK to score goals and the like but we'll decide that when we see him. Martie is back from the big smoke and raring to go though he did remind me to take into account his fitness as he's not played in a month.

Foxy has a tummy bug i.e. the squits, William's shoulder is still too sore to play and Kyle is in Spain at the moment. Scott, Andy and wee Allan are playing to give us our ten.

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