Fitbaw Awards 2007

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The first two go to people who sadly can’t be with us this evening:

The Scarlet Pimpernel award for most successful vanishing act goes to Donny.

The PISH award for a Person Impersonating A Soccer Hero, but still coming bottom of the league goes to William.

The Tartan Army National Service award for getting behind the boys and giving the whole country a reason to enjoy their football goes to Martie.

For his sexy black undershorts, the La Senza award for adventures in underwear goes to Simon.

For winning 6 and drawing 1 of this last 7 games purely to achieve the 1.5 average that he started out with the Stuart Munro award for outstanding mediocrity goes to Neil.

The ROCK award (Reliable Old Campaign King) for reliability, dependability and sheer year long consistency goes to Alan.

The Moody Blue award for constant and unending whingeing goes to Kyle.

The Dug Ate My Fitbaw Boots award for the worst excuse for not playing goes to Scott. We’re hoping he’ll take this to heart and come up with much better excuses now that he’s a member of the hard core.

The Con-toe-versey award for inadvertently being at the centre of the biggest stooshie of the year goes to Stuart.

The Ally Bain award for logistical prestidigitation in all aspects of "match arranging" goes to Eeky. And we’re proud to present this special commemorative calculator, and a voucher-based token of our esteem.

Player’s player of the year, the player with the most man of the match votes, and the most uses of the "babysitting" excuse, the MOM of the Year award goes to Foxy.

Lastly, we don’t know exactly how, because he’s never exactly been a purist's player, but it surely has something to do with the fact that every week since he started at the Fitbaw he gave a consistent 100% effort from beginning to end, the Player Of The Year award goes to Karl.

Happy as a newt

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