All hail King Karl - POTY 2007

Thursday, 6 December 2007

POTY 2007 - Karl

Q: What do you get if you cross five football players all paying really well with five football players all playing really, really pish?

A: An embarrassingly one sided game, a disappointed Eeky and Alan and a new POTY!

That's not to take anything away from the Mince men who all played really well and deserved to win. To a man they were all on form and did everything right. They also got every break of the ball. I won't even complain about the sixth man that they had in the shape of the post - man that post saved a lot of our shots!

Congrats to Karl who battled hard last night and scored some great goals. It's shame you won't be around to collect your award - maybe I'll just take it home :). Karl will be missed on Wednesday nights - his high kicking karate moves to intercept the ball, his slow motion turns (that still seem to work even though we've been watching him to them for three years) and his ever present, motionless hair do. All the best in Finland with your new family young sir. Karl's now on Facebook for those of you who use it - I can't find him at the moment but if I do I'll stick a link here.

Next week Foxy is in New York, Karl is in Finland, Gordo is in Brazil, Jon is in Australia, William is in Rome and Stuart & Martie are going to Ibrox - what a far flung, well travelled bunch of guys we are. For those of us left in Glasgow, I'll try get ten players so we can have a game. I know the battle is over for POTY but I hope Fitbaw is more than just POTY.

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Ian said...

Is William going to Rome for some Egg 'Benedict' to help his gammy shoulder?

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