It's anyone's game!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

We were seven goals down and managed to pull it back for the draw - what a game! I don't know how the Mince men feel about the game but I think we deserved the draw through sheer hard work and determination alone. Well played to all - shame the cameras weren't there this week! I don't think we feature but IDOX bods won't be able to see the highlights as our firewall blocks movies - bah!

Next week it should be the same squad but it'll be Iain & Alan vs Foxy & Karl - only four games left!

In case anyone missed it, Foxy won last week's MOTM. Don't forget to vote for this weeks. The stats have been updated too.

Update - Karl mentioned on the MOTM chat that we ARE famous! Still can't tell if we're in the video but we are in the main picture!! I've grabbed it so you all can see - click through for a bigger version and an identity parade.


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