Early selection

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

With Karl and me losing last week it's nice and tight at the top of the table. In the interest of keeping the teams fair from a stats point of view, we're going to make sure all those at the top of the table get the chance to play each other - like this:

7th Nov: Iain and Karl vs Foxy and Alan
14th Nov: Karl and Alan vs Iain and Foxy
21st Nov: Foxy and Karl vs Alan and Iain

Once that round is over, there will onlt be a few games left so we'll reassess what's best to do then.

This week Stuart, William and Neil are back. Martie's in London for the next couple of weeks with work but Scott's in so it's pretty much another regulars game - excellent. Although this does allow an early team selection, it more than likey means that someone will drop out!

Still quite a few votes not in for MOTM last week - if you've not voted please do before the end of play tomorrow (Karl, Martie, Scott, Alan and Andy!).

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