Trick or treat

Monday, 29 October 2007

Can the Mincers match their performance from last week? Can the Tatties prevent a five goal head start again? Will the pitch be invaded by zombies? Find out in this week's thrilling episode of "Fitbaw". 6:30pm. Pitch 6.

Onto "Xmas Night Oot" news. I've spoken to everyone and the date has been set for Friday 14th December. That means that the last game to decide all the awards will be the 12th December. We'll still have the option of playing the week after if folk want to.

It's at the usual place and food will be provided via the kitty. I'm confirming the "menu" later this week as they have a new Christmas menu coming out - ooooooh. The kitty may even be up to a round of drinks too but after that we'll all have to chip in just like last year.

I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear that there will be awards this year courtesy of Foxy and Neil - watch out for the "PISH!" award would be my guess!

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