Return of the Si-man

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Well the ringers get more and more random, this week seeing the inclusion of Doogie Howser M.D. or Andy's cousin, Howard. But is seems to work as last night's game was cracking! Si started off in goals and pulled a number of cracking saves out the bag to keep the scores almost level.

Slowly, the Mince men built up their lead to 4 or 5 at one point but a spirited fight back from the Tatties saw them level the scores and even take the lead themselves. By this point, if I'd had a watch on we could have called it full time and claimed the victory as it was probably well after the 5 minutes of extra time that we normally play. However, no watch was the be had and we played on until we lost the game - great tactics!

Never mind though as it was a really enjoyable game that saw the injury free return of Si (complete with his new magic tights). MOTM is up for your voting pleasure.

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