Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Hurrah - we managed to change the kick off time this week so we can all watch the Scotland game. Glad we managed to sort that one out.

We also have ten players! Alan's on holiday, Stuart's got one more week of toe resting to do and William's not playing coz he's going drinking instead - poor show sir! Martie's back and we also welcome back Si! He's going to play in goals for most of the game and come out for the odd run about to test stuff out and keep warm.

Filling the spaces are Andy Hood again, Andy's cousin, Howard, who's up for a few days, Allan (Ponto's mate who played a few weeks ago) and Stephen (Martie's mate who played a month ago).

We'll pick teams at half time when we've met everyone and have a better idea of what kind of players we have.

See you up there for 6pm kick off and a pint or two! COME ON SCOTLAND! (AND LITHUANIA!!)

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